Carter Veterinary Hospital

2323 Durham Regional Hwy 2
Bowmanville, ON L1C 3K7



Carter Veterinary Hospital is proud to say that they treat your exotic pets along with your cats and dogs.  Dr. Linda Carter and Dr. Connor Bryant have hands on experience with many different exotic species.  Any questions or concerns you may have about your pet they will be more than happy to help you and discuss options. 

When it comes to exotic pets, certain species can be a lot more sensitive to their environmental surroundings.  Things such as tank temperature, enclosure size, bedding, diet and many other elements to your pets environment can play a large role in their overall health.  For this reason, it is essential for our veterinarians to do a very thorough investigation into what could be causing certain illnesses.  Dr. Carter and Dr. Connor Bryant will spend quality time with you and your pet to help figure out the root cause of their problem.

Our veterinarians would love to meet and get to know your exotic pets!  So if they have scales, fur, or feathers please give us a call!

ChameleonRabbit Ferret in grassy field