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We all know that expecting mothers have ultrasounds done to see images of their unborn babies.  But what exactly is ultrasound and how can it help your pet?

An ultrasound machine sends out and receives sound waves which in turn creates an image of your pets internal organs.  This can be an essential tool when other diagnostic tests are giving the doctors inconclusive results.  The imaging created via ultrasound can provide your veterinarian with more information on the health status of your pet that sometimes blood work and radiographs cannot tell us.

It is also an essential tool for pregnant dogs and cats.  It allows breeders to see how many puppies or kittens their pregnant females are expecting!

If you're not sure if your pet requires such a procedure, the first thing to do is to book an appointment with your veterinarian to discuss if an ultrasound is the next diagnostic step you should take for your pet.

dog and cat nose to nose