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Wellness Exams

Your pet requires a physical examination on a yearly basis. Whether your pet is due for vaccines or not the benefits of having a physical exam are substantial. During your pet’s wellness exam, your veterinarian will make many observations, including weight change in your pet, respiratory rate and sounds, heart rate and sounds, checking eyes, ears and mouth for any abnormalities, and addressing any concerns you may have with your pet.

A thorough physical exam can help catch certain issues that may not have been noticed otherwise. These issues include things such as dental disease, ear infections, eye diseases or infections and dramatic weight loss or gain. A veterinarian can make a recommendation in the best interest of your pet based upon the yearly physical exam.

child with catDoing blood work at the time of a wellness checkup can also help diagnose diseases at an early stage. Other tests to consider on a yearly or bi-yearly basis are things such as fecal tests, to rule out the possibility of your pet having contracted a parasite since their last fecal.

It is important to contact your veterinarian and schedule an appointment if you feel there are any abnormal changes in your pet. Having a veterinarian speak with you and examine your pet can make a big difference in their quality of life!