Carter Veterinary Hospital

2323 Durham Regional Hwy 2
Bowmanville, ON L1C 3K7


Tour the Clinic with Chloe and Sadie

Please join Chloe and Sadie on a tour of Carter Veterinary Hospital!  They will gladly show you around and make you feel at home.  Please scroll down and follow us on this virtual tour.  Enjoy!

Hi! I'm Chloe.  And welcome to Carter Veterinary Hospital!  My mom, Dr. Carter, wanted me and Sadie to show you around.  First stop is our waiting room!  You can sit comfortably and wait for your appointment, while our receptionist gets you a coffee or tea.

Well hello there!  My name is Sadie and I will be assisting with this tour.  This is our reception area.  This is where the human sits and checks you in.  The human seems nice.  She gives me treats sometimes.

This is our pet store!  There are lots of fun toys here and yummy food.  This is where I got my favourite toy.  I take it everywhere with me.

This is our play area for the small humans.  They can play while their parents talk to the Doctors.

This is the dog exam room!  The best part? It's always stocked with treats!

Your feline companion can enjoy themselves in the cat exam room on this amazing cat tree.  I must say, this is my favourite part of the tour.  I may just stay here for a bit.  I'll let Chloe show you the next location.

At the back of the clinic my mom has a lovely treatment area!  This is where they do a lot of their work.  Sometimes they are cleaning equipment, or looking at slides under the microscope.  And you are always welcome to join your pet back here whenever they come to visit!  Our home is your home!

Welcome to the second half of our treatment area.  The kennels behind me are where your pet would stay if they were in the hospital for the day.  The humans have a lovely collection of soft blankets for your pets to sleep on while they are here.  We also have a very large kennel if you have a large breed dog.

This is Dr. Shaw!  She is helping me show you the x-ray room!  As you can tell, we are good friends!  This is where x-rays are done in the clinic.  It's all digital so it is usually very quick to get your picture done and the images are great quality!

Last but not least on the tour is the Surgery room.  Chloe and Sadie could not make it on this part of the tour as they know that we have to keep the surgery room immaculately clean!  I hope you enjoyed your tour! (All pets involved in the making of this tour were well rewarded with treats).